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On the surface, it probably seems like choosing your kids dentist is simply a matter of picking someone close by that treats your child well and is knowledgeable in the field of pediatric dentistry. After all, every pediatric dentist has the same general qualifications, degrees and certifications, right?

But, shouldn’t there be more to it? Anderson Pediatric Dentistry believes so. In fact, we think that your kid’s dentist should be more than just the best pediatric dentist in Anderson, the Upstate, South Carolina, or wherever you live. We believe your dentist should be a partner in your child’s overall health and wellness. How do we become more than just the dentist that cleans your child’s teeth twice a year, fills cavities or puts sealants on their teeth?

Dr. Kevin and Anderson Pediatric Dentistry want to be more than just a pediatric dental office. We want to be your neighborhood dentist. We want to be engaged in the community, a familiar and friendly face around town, a reliable resource when you have questions, and an advocate for your child’s dental health and overall health. How does this happen?

Anderson Pediatric Dentistry is proud to be an active and engaged member of the Anderson, SC community. It’s not uncommon to see Dr. Kevin and his staff around town. Whether it’s on the soccer fields, at the local school events, sponsoring athletic and social events, in the various churches, running fun runs or volunteering in different capacities, you and your children will likely recognize someone from our office. And that means a lot to children that are often scared or anxious about visiting the dentist.

When your child’s dentist is a friend and a neighbor instead of a stranger, they will have less anxiety about their appointments and treatments. They may even be more excited to brush and floss when they know they are going to soccer practice with Dr. Kevin!

In short, Anderson Pediatric Dentistry is more than just your child’s dentist. We are your neighborhood dentist - engaged and committed to improving the health of our community, one smile at a time! Take a look at the list below to see a few of the events and organizations we are currently sponsoring!

Anderson Area YMCA
U6 Soccer coach and sponsor
People’s Bank Midnight Flight
Reindeer Run
Tiny Tots Triathalon
Montessori School of Anderson Daddy/Daughter Dance sponsor
Halloween Candy Buy-Back
Anderson Arts Center
Anderson MOPS
School visits
Junior League of Anderson Touch-a-Truck


By engaging in our community, we are strengthening bonds, and giving children and parents Something to Smile About!

If you are looking for a dental home and friendly neighborhood dentist for your child, call our office today at 864-760-1440, and let us give you Something to Smile About!


Yes, that’s right. We’re talking about sealants, yet again. Why do we keep throwing this information at you time and time again? It’s kind of like when your teacher used to repeat the same thing over and over again in class. Write it down and underline it because it’s probably going to be on the test. In that same way, we talk a lot about sealants on your child’s teeth. As a kids dentist in Anderson, we want to make sure you are well informed about the protective benefits of sealants and what your options are.

Let’s review what sealants are and what they do.  Dental sealants consist of a plastic material that is painted on the chewing surface of the back teeth- the molars and premolars. This sealant does just what its name implies. It seals out bacteria and acids and that contribute to tooth decay and helps to protect the teeth. Typically, Anderson Pediatric Dentistry and other pediatric dentists will seal the permanent molars and premolars so that food and bacteria do not get into the natural fissures and grooves of the teeth.

(image from

Why do we place sealants on the molars and pre-molars? These teeth are the ones that naturally get more grooves and fissures as your child gets older. Those grooves and fissures in the teeth are exactly where bacteria and plaque like to hang out and form cavities.  According to the CDC, dental sealants prevent 80% of cavities in the back teeth, where 9 in 10 cavities occur. The CDC also states that school-age children (ages 6-11) without sealants, have almost 3 times more 1st molar cavities than children with sealants. That’s a staggering number for such a quick and easy preventative measure!

(Image from

Anderson Pediatric Dentistry encourages you to learn more about sealants and how they can help your child remain cavity-free. We’re always here to answer your questions and as your trusted Anderson kids dentist, we want to always give you Something to Smile About! If you are searching for a dental home, we would love to be your child’s dentist and partner in great oral health. Call our office today at 864-760-1440. And don’t forget to check out our website for more dental resources at


August 14, 2019
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The final days of summer are upon us. We are busy packing in those last activities that we wanted to do this summer, school shopping and meeting new teachers. You’ve probably gotten most- or at least some- of your child’s school supplies ready for their first day. You may have even picked up a new backpack or lunch box. Have you thought about what you plan to put in that lunchbox yet?

If you are like us, we dread the whole packing a lunch chore. It’s hard to find the perfect combination of food that is healthy, easy to pack and something your child will actually eat. That’s why we’ve come up with the list of ideas below. School mornings are hectic.

Don’t let packing a lunch stress you out. This list below has some fresh, new ideas that go beyond the ham sandwich and chips, and will give your child the nutrition they need to succeed in the classroom. Most of these are easily served bento-style, with small portions of each to create a mix-and-match lunch. If these don’t suit you, or you run through them all and need more inspiration, check out the links below from Pinterest for an ever-changing supply of ideas! Anderson Pediatric Dentistry wishes you a great school year!




pita chips
carrot sticks
Mini sweet peppers
Snap peas
cheese sticks
Babybel cheese
hard-boiled eggs
cubed grilled chicken
ham and cheese roll-ups
apple slices and nut-butter
mango chunks
cheese cubes
penne noodles
trail mix
avocado cubes

Other ideas:


Photo by Di Lewis from Pexels

When it comes to picking a dentist, it seems like the choice should be easy. After all, a dentist is a dentist, right? And any dentist can see kids, so why not just take the whole family to the same dentist? Why see a Pediatric Dentist?

While it’s true that all dentists have received a high-quality dental education, have a doctorate degree and have passed state exams to be eligible to practice, it’s not true that all dentists are the same. Sure, all dentists are allowed and able to treat children, and most can. However, there are some reasons why picking a pediatric dentist is a good choice.

Have you ever met someone who didn’t love the sound of crying babies and rambunctious toddlers? We know. It’s hard to imagine. But there are people who prefer to spend their time around adults, especially those that are potty-trained, less likely to cry and don’t need a prize box to bribe them into cooperating.

This is true for dentists, too. Perhaps the most important things about a pediatric dentist, is that they have CHOSEN to work with children. Call us crazy, but we actually chose to spend two years in a dental residency specializing in pediatric dentistry, just so we can see your child!

This choice brings us to the next reason kids should see pediatric dentists. Education. Yes, all dentists are qualified and educated. However, pediatric dentists have two to three additional years of education, spent in a residential program specializing in pediatric dentistry, health, psychology and behavior management. By the time we finish this residency, we have usually seen everything from severe trauma to birth defects and extreme special needs- things that may not have been focused on in a traditional dental education.

Another key difference in a pediatric dentist versus a general or family dentist is the environment. We know that our audience is young children. Most pediatric dental offices, like Anderson Pediatric Dentistry, are kid-friendly. What does this mean? Aside from brighter colors, a kid-friendly waiting area and smaller instruments that fit better in a child’s mouth, the vibe of the office will be different. From a parent perspective, you don’t have to try to keep your child sitting quietly in a chair in the waiting room, or break into a cold sweat if they scream, cry and try to run out of the room. We’ve seen it all before. And remember, pediatric dentists and their staff choose to work in this environment!

Our schedules are designed to spend that extra time with each patient when they need time to settle down, or a little more explaining. Our staff is trained to help de-escalate and nurture and our goal is instilling life-long oral health care habits. Of course, a great treasure box doesn’t hurt, either! (Hey, we all like to be rewarded for great behavior!)

While the goal at a dentist office is always to provide top-notch quality dental care, Anderson Pediatric Dentistry’s goal is to make seeing the dentist a great experience. Our amazing staff is there because they love children. Our mission is to provide our patients, who are always children, a welcoming environment and a positive experience so that taking care of their teeth is less of a chore and more of a goal! Give us a call at 864-760-1440 and let us give you, and your child, Something to Smile About!



According to Delta Dental’s Original Tooth Fairy Poll, the going rate for your child’s lost tooth has declined in the past year. Based on their latest yearly survey, the average dollar amount that children received for a tooth is $3.70, down from $4.13 in 2018. (Remember when you thought a $1.00 per tooth was awesome?!?) Interestingly enough, it appears that the tooth fairy’s value on teeth coincides with the general movement of the economy. In 14 of the past 17 years, the tooth fairy’s prices have tracked with the movement of Standard and Poor’s 500 Index (S&P 500). It appears our famed Tooth Fairy may actually be a wise investor!

Economics aside, the Delta Dental poll also served to get valuable feedback on the Tooth Fairy and the role she plays in your child’s oral health. Of course, most kids only think of the Tooth Fairy as a chance to get some quick cash for a tooth they no longer need. But, it turns out that she may have some substantial influence on your child’s oral health habits. According to the answers given by parents in the survey, the Tooth Fairy is providing much more than a little spending money. Responses in the poll credited the Tooth Fairy with influencing these areas:

·        Joy: The Tooth Fairy gives kids something to be excited about, according to more than half of parents (56 percent).

·        Bedtime: Children go to bed early when leaving out a tooth say 30 percent of parents.

·        Savers: Children choose to save their Tooth Fairy earnings say nearly half of parents (48 percent).

·        Oral health: More than one-third of parents (34 percent) believe the Tooth Fairy instills good oral health habits.


While the Original Tooth Fairy Poll is meant for fun. It serves as a reminder that oral healthcare isn’t always boring or hard. Fun traditions, such as the Tooth Fairy, can incentivize kids to take better care of their teeth. Ownership and personal responsibility can be taught, as children realize that the Tooth Fairy prefers the healthy teeth over those with cavities. Even financial responsibility can be built into the equation by teaching children to save their money, or spend it wisely.

For more information and fun facts on the Original Tooth Fairy Poll, check out the website and take the poll at

Anderson Pediatric Dentistry wants your child to be at the top of the Tooth Fairy’s list! If you are looking for a dental home for your child in Anderson, South Carolina and surrounding areas, give us a call at 864-760-1440 and let us give you Something to Smile About!


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